Alkemie Holiday Gift Set - Multivitamin and Brightening Bomb

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The set is ideal for deep revitalization, nutrition of all skin types, a multivitamin bomb for the skin. Wonderfully refreshes, brightens and moisturizes the skin, restoring its fresh, healthy and radiant look. Strongly energizes and revitalizes. It works firming and anti-aging. It provides the skin with a huge amount of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients - acts on it like a sweeping free radicals, ultra-healthy diet.


Multifunctional, shock serum with a shock dose of vitamin C in the form of concentrated extracts of acerola and kakadu plum and the innovative form of AA2G. Comprehensively improves the appearance and condition of all skin types. Rejuvenates, brightens, neutralizes free radicals, adds skin energy and youthful glow.


A multivitamin bomb for all skin types that need energy, nutrition and support in the fight against oxidative stress. The high concentration of active ingredients and the luxurious blend of the highest quality oils have an active bio-revitalizing effect. The elixir can be used alone, as an additive to cream and serum or as a massage base.

glow up 2-in-1 muesli mask! 15 ML

Glow up! is a bio-revitalizing 2 in 1 mask fulfilling two functions simultaneously: A gentle peeling and a creamy mask with strong skin energizing and regenerating effects. Thanks to the use of softening ingredients and gentle flakes of rice and rose flower, it has refreshing effects. It leaves the skin smooth and radiant, full of vitality. The organic complex of superfruit extract – guarana, acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry and Amazonian camu-camu – has great power in combating free radicals and civilizational stress. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin and collagen production and gently brightens discolourations. Recommended for every skin type in need of regeneration and revitalization, especially dull, tired and anoxic. It is a perfect solution for those who work in air-conditioned offices, and smokers.

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