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A fantastic Gift Set that contains Glov Makeup Removal and Zebra (limited edition) Bunny Ears Headband.

GLOV Hydro Makeup Removal and Cleanser Travel Set - Just with WATER (For All Skin Types)
The Smart and Lightning Way to remove make-up wherever you are! 
The GLOV On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser is an effortless, efficient and simple way to remove makeup (even waterproof mascara and eyeliner) and cleanse skin without the need for a cleanser, perfect for travel or as an everyday solution.
Utilising advanced microtechnology, the cleansing glove contains refined, star-shaped fibres up to 30 times thinner than a cotton pad, which boasts superior electrostatic properties to absorb makeup, dirt and excess oil like a magnet. Reusable up to 3 months.
Suitable for every skin type and contact lens wearers, the delicate and naturally antibacterial glove delivers a light yet effective clean with a gentle peeling effect to unveil skin that feels fresher and revitalised. Simply use the makeup removing tool with water for an instantly purified and smooth complexion.
Tips: Use 100% natural or organic soap to cleanse Glov Makeup Removal to well maintain the fibre condition. Do not use any detergent, body wash or hand wash to cleanse.

The handy GLOV On-The-Go will fit in your pocket, gym bag, cosmetics bag or suitcase. 
70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide.

Dermatologically tested.

Direction to use:
1. Moisten the GLOV with water.
2. Gently rub over skin to remove makeup, flip over to clean side for a double cleanse.
3. Hand wash with a bar of natural soap after every use.
4. Hang up for fast and easy drying.

GLOV Zebra Bunny Ears Headband makes sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of your cleansing routine with this adorable bunny ears headband.

A real must-have for every woman!

Bring a smile to your face during your daily beauty routine with our cute Bunny Ears Headband. Make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of your cleansing routine with this adorable bunny ears headband. Super-soft and suitable for sensitive skin, the hairband will ensure you experience an easy, effective cleanse every time. It gently holds your hair up so you can apply your make-up hassle-free! And it makes your make-up removal routine just a little more fun as well. One size fits all.

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