GLOV Hair Wrap

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GLOV Hair Wrap quickly dry hair without frizzing, tangling and hair breakage
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GLOV Hair Wrap

Dreaming of a soft and gentle way to dry your hair?

Our ultra-absorbent fabric in a handy turban shape helps to dry your hair without damaging its structure. 

Minimise drying time with GLOV'S Hair Wrap; an innovative microfibre towel that dries hair more gently than conventional cotton terry fabric. Suitable for all hair types, the wrap protects hair structures and cuts time-consuming drying time thanks to its super-high absorbency. 

Ideal for drying tresses overnight whilst you sleep, or conditioning locks with treatments and masques, or for keeping your hair out of your face during cleansing rituals, the hair wrap is a handy accessory for anyone, particularly those with a long or thick mane.

80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide

Useful during your morning or evening routine - it allows you to apply your face mask or make-up while your hair is drying.

Find out more information about its effectiveness and convenient from the video.

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